GSLI References

Give the reference form to two adults who know of your qualifications for the GSLI opportunity. Those people may not be your relatives. One should be from Girl Scouts, and the other is of your choice. References must return their forms directly to the council postmarked no later than March 28, 2014 to be included in your completed application.

Leadership Institute: Girl Reference Form For:

The person named below is applying for the Girl Scout Leadership Institute, a national leadership development opportunity in Salt Lack City, Utah, Oct. 16-18. She will be required to work with peers from across the county, participate in in-depth learnin
New Field
Area Code
Phone Number
Email Address:
How long have you known the applicant?
What is your relationship to the applicant?
Indicate the rating that describes (to the extent of your knowledge) the degree to which the applicant has the qualities listed below:
Has poise and ease in meeting people
Relates well to peers in group situations
Relates well to adults
Accepts people of backgrounds different from her own
Is adaptable, flexible
Shows good judgment
Does her part, is a good team member
Has a sence of humor
Has physical stamina and energy
Has a neat appearance; dresses appropriately for each occasion
Has a positive attitude
Describe the applicant's strengths and skills as they relate to the travel opportunity and/or living with a group.
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