Girl Scout Leadership Institute

2014 Girl Scouts of Central Indiana - Girl Application

Application requirements and information
  • All applications must be typed.
  • Fill out the application completely. Make a photocopy for yourself for your records.
  • All applications muct be postmarked by March 28, 2014.
  • Give  the reference forms to two adults who know of your qualifications for the GSLI opportunity. (Those people may not be your relatives.) One should be from Girl Scouts, and the other is of your choice. References must return their forms directly to the council postmarked no later than March 28, 2014 to be included in your completed application.
  • If you need more space on your application, you may continue your answer on up to two additional sheets only.

Completed applications must be postmarked by March 28, 2014 and mailed to:
ATTN: Jamie Hubbard
Girl Scouts of Central Indiana
Suite 100
2611 Waterfront Parkway East Drive
Indianapolis, IN 46214

In order to apply, applicant must be:
  • A member of Girl Scouts of Central Indiana.
  • Must be at least 14 years old by October 15, 2014.
  • Must attend Girl Scouts Leadership Institute Kick-off retreat. (Proposed dates: Camp Gallahue, June 13-14 or Camp NaWaKwa, Sept. 13-14, 2014)
  • After the experience, must collaborate with GSLI peers to plan an implement an opportunity in Spring of 2015 for the girls in Girl Scout of Central Indiana based on the GSLI experience in Utah.
A complete application packet will include:
Questions should be directed to:

Jamie Hubbard at 317.924.6859

Girl Scout Leadership Institute Application

Section 1: Personal Data

(Must be at least 14 years old by Oct. 15, 2014)
Current Age:
Current Grade:
Home Phone:
Cell Phone:
Birth Date:
Number of Years in Girl Scouting:
Parent/Legal Guardian's Name:
Correspondence will be primarily through email. Please ensure that the address you provide is current and accurate.
Email Address (parent/guardian):
Have you participated in a Girl Scout Leadership before?
Have you traveled or been away from home without parents or guardians for more than four days?

Racial/Ethnic Background

To monitor and promote the participation of girls from various racial and ethnic backgrounds, we request that you provide the following information. You are not required to respond. This information will be used for monitoring purposes only.
Please check one:

Section 2: Education, Training, and Experience

Briefly describe your most meaningful experience away from home without your family (length of time, where, with whom).
Briefly describe your favorite Girl Scout activity. How has that developed your courage, confidence or character?
Briefly describe your current participation in Girl Scouts.
Briefly review your most recent volunteer experience (where, why, with whom).

Section 3: Essay (750 Word Limit)

Attach a short essay that addresses the following questions: (750 word limit)
Why do you want to participate in Girl Scout Leadership Institute?
What do you hope to learn from this experience?
What do you think will be challenging about this trip?
Describe two leadership skills that you feel come naturally to you?
Please upload a document file (750 word limit)

Section 4: Travel Skill Inventory

Using the scale below, please indicate your skill level in the following areas:
4=Highly Experienced; 3=Above Average; 2=Average; 1=Below Average; 0=No Experience
Traveling by plane
Personal budgeting
Conflict resolution
Getting along with others
Traveling by bus/train
Event planning