Fall Product

Welcome to the 2013 Fall Product Program.

What is the Fall Product Program?

The Fall Product Program is a way for your troop to help support your council and to earn start-up funds by offering quality products to your customers. It’s easy, it’s fun!

Ways to participate:

Part 1: New or renewed magazine subscriptions

  • ™Take orders and payment for hundreds of magazines.
  • ™Catalogue and order forms provided in girl order materials.
  • ™Troop earns 10% of gross sales!

Part 2: Online magazine orders

  • ™Easiest and fastest way to participate.
  • ™Customers pay by credit card when placing order online. There is no money to collect, no product to deliver!
  • Detailed instructions are included in the girl order materials.
  • ™Troop earns $2 for every girl who completes the online program!

Part 3: Nuts and candy

  • ™ Nuts and candy in pop top cans, collectible tins, and bags
  • ™ Ask customers to purchase for the Food Pantry Project.
  • ™ Troop earns 10% of gross sales!

Fall Product Program

For more information about the Girl Scout Cookie Program, please contact a member of the Product Sales Team.

Girl Scout Cookie Hotline: 877.474.2249

Kendra Kidwell: 317.924.6817

Denise Rogerson: 317.924.6812

Mandy Curry: 317.924.6826

Ashley Pasch: 317.924.6832

Tai Dorsey: 317.924.6815

Helpful resources

QSP customer service for magazine order questions: 800.678.2673

Online program problems hotline: 877.305.4146

Website for entering troop orders: ashdonfarmsnute.com

List of magazines and codes