For Leaders

Before the Sale:

  • Hold a parent meeting to discuss the Girl Scout Cookie Program.
  • Work with girls in your troop to set individual and troop goals for the Girl Scout Cookie Program.
    • Learn more about setting goals and some ideas for your girls to let customers know about their goals.
  • Teach girls about the varieties of cookies we sell, safety tips for during the program, and important dates.
    • Learn more about Girl Scout Cookie Program safety.
  • Remember the Girl Scout Cookie Program begins on January 10, 2015 – no orders should be taken before this date!

Order Taking:

  • Keep in touch with girls and parents about important dates and deadlines.
  • Collect initial orders from girls and enter them into eBudde.
  • Orders must be entered into eBudde by 9 p.m. on January 23, 2015. Make sure to submit your initial recognition order at the same time.
  • Refer to your troop training manual to help you use the eBudde system.
  • If you have questions contact your service unit cookie manager or the product sales help line at 877.474.2249.